Federal Government

For over 40 years, Price Modern has been a trusted furniture partner to agencies all over the United States, leveraging our time tested end-to-end project management solutions.

Our current GSA schedule:
Packaged Offices Furniture

ATF Projects: Need additional information or support? We can help.

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Asset Management

Need to build an office ASAP? If you have product inventory set up and managed by Price Modern, it’s go time. Available product is always up to date; reserve what you need and we’re on it.

Want us to look after your stuff? No prob. Give us a shout.


Get in on the collaboration party that is Bluescape. Show the plans, play the video, draw up the changes and keep an eye on everything in real time on whatever screen you’re on.

Haven’t tried Bluescape? Give us a call to see what you’re missing.

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Mosaic Project Management

You have a log-in for Mosaic, which officially makes you a sharp pencil. Your customized web-based account management platform is just a click away. Update your furniture standards, images, and specs or fill up a shopping cart and hit submit. Presto.

Want to simplify your work life? Just ask.

My Resource Library

It’s like Google for furniture. Review products, leave change notes or add alternate products you find on the library—all from your computer. Your team can take it from there.

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